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Medical Professionals

Physician centered

Physician centered

As a physician in a successful medical practice, your time and money is valuable. That is why one of our top priorities is to address the unnecessary risk that is present in the vast majority of physicians’ financial plans.

Many physicians that we meet have some relationship with a financial planner, advisor, insurance agent, accountant, attorney, etc. Yet, when we take a holistic view of their planning, most are financially imbalanced and exposed to unnecessary risks from embedded taxes, lawsuits, lifestyle factors, inefficient use of assets, etc. Failing to address all of these forces, places a downward pressure on their ability to build wealth. At Lifetime Financial Growth, we bring together leading professionals in the fields of financial planning, estate planning, taxation, law, practice management, succession planning, client retention, to name a few, to assist our clients in addressing these issues and achieve optimal financial balance in their lives.

Most people would not go to their primary care doctor for open heart surgery, so why should you trust your unique planning needs to a generalist?

Medical Residents: Did you know?

Some residency programs have Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) Disability Insurance Options.

A GSI program gives you the opportunity to get Disability Insurance Regardless of your health history. It’s important you know what your options are before graduating. Depending on your health, it may be your only option to get covered.

Know your Residency Program’s GSI options before you finish Residency!