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Your Retirement

Retire On Your Terms. How much do you need for retirement? Forget whatever arbitrary numbers you’ve heard.

Future market performance, medical and tax expenses, and even your own longevity are impossible to anticipate. There is a way to plan for retirement that doesn’t involve guessing about the future. A well-thought-out strategy considers how to distribute your wealth most effectively during retirement. Our approach can help put you on a solid path to fulfilling your retirement vision.

The Retirement Dilemma

The Retirement Dilemma

The uncertainty of how long you will live poses some difficult questions for your retirement finances:

  • How much can you spend without jeopardizing your financial well-being?
  • How much must be held in reserve in case you live longer than expected?

How can I provide for surviving family members?

These uncertainties often make retirees hesitant to spend.

The Pitfalls of Traditional Retirement Strategies

The Pitfalls of Traditional Retirement Strategies

Many in retirement struggle to convert their assets into a reliable income stream. A typical strategy around retirement income is to invest all your money in essentially the same bucket—stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds—and begin to take fixed, consistent withdrawals off an asset that is inherently inconsistent.

This approach may not be the most efficient or provide the desired outcome.

  • Traditional Retirement Approach
    Less Income
  • More Taxes
  • More Risk
  • Less Liquidity

Our Process

Building a sound strategy for your retirement is important. Being able to maintain your accustomed lifestyle into your retirement years and even potentially increase your post-retirement income is the ultimate goal.

Before building a strategy for the years ahead, it’s important to fully understand where you are today. The Living Balance Sheet® provides a wide-angle view across the four critical financial domains and shows how they work together. That knowledge, in and of itself, can transform the way you live your retirement life and liberate you to spend and enjoy assets more readily during your lifetime.

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